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The Friends of St.Mary's PSA


PSA meeting in creative room on 3rd Oct from 3.20-4.15

crèche available in the nursery.


Committee Members



Vice Chair: Gifty Cudjoe

Treasurer: Amber Kanyimbo

Vice Treasurer: Evelyn Osei Manu



Vice Secretary: Sophia Augustin




Selma Nicholls Executive Chair


I am proud to be the Executive Chair at St.Mary’s Priory Catholic Primary School.

I believe in being the change you want to see and I will create this through the positive representation of culturally diverse talent/models & imagery. For over a decade I have worked in theatre/dance as a freelance Producer, arts facilitator and recently transitioned to CEO of Looks Like Me, a child talent/model agency.


Looks Like Me secured a Start Up Loan from Sir Richard Branson's Virgin StartUp company and are growing from strength to strength.  


I am a monthly contributor on Junior Style London, the leading online destination for independent children’s fashion.  Through our diverse talent/models and imagery we prepare, represent, celebrate and illuminate underrepresented children and families, providing opportunities that have meaningful impact and positively representing many people globally.


Scooters for Schools

10%  of all purchases goes to St Mary Priory School 

 Just enter the code: 102147 

click on the link below: