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January 2019 update

Our Y5/6 Girls team did amazingly well and WON their PL Stars event on Friday afternoon! They will now go on and compete at the next stage of the competition and Totenham Hotspurs training ground. This is a fantastic achievement and Phil and the girls should be congratulated for their efforts.

Well done to everyone involved. 


After the excitement of winning this tournament, the girls and the Y3/4 boys went on to play their usual Primary Premier League games. Both teams gave it their all and behaved very well.  The scores, scorers and match reports are below.


Y5/6 Girls

Game 1

St Mary's Priory 3 - 0 Crowland

Forfeited game

Game 2

St Mary's Priory 0 - 7 Coldfall

The girls gave it their all in this game but a combination of still being excited by their earlier win and coming up against a very good team in Coldfall lead to this result. We have made some notes on defensive improvements that can be made and we will work on these in training next week.

Game 3

St Mary's Priory 3 - 2 Lordship Lane

Isabella x 2


This was a hard fought win and the girls did well to hold on. As a team it was really positive to see the girls defending collectively to secure the win, this will be highlighted and praised in next weeks training.



Y3/4 Boys

Game 1

St Mary's Priory 1 - 3 Mulberry


The boys played really well in this game and created lots of chances, we will work on shooting and our decision making in attacking positions.

Game 2

St Mary's Priory 4 - 1 Earlam

Finlay x 2



The team was far more clinical in this game.  The move, pass and goal of the game came for Jerome's goal.  It was really good to see the boys pass the ball out of defence as they had practiced, move it forward quickly then Nathan in midfield having the awarenesses to pick out Jerome in loads of space who finished brilliantly.  This move will be highlighted and praised in next weeks training.

Game 3

St Mary's Priory 1 - 3 St Mary's COE

After taking an early lead we were caught out by a couple of late goals.  There were lots of positives to take from the game which we will also highlight in training. We will also be working of over committing players forward when we do not have too.  

Special thanks to Joanna and Eamon, our volunteers, for your support on Friday; we are very lucky to have you and without your help we would not be able to enter these events. Thank you.