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Pendarren News: Day 1

We left on time, but very soon we encountered a traffic jam on the M25. As we sat there, the children wanted to know when lunch time was. The time was 9.30. Despite the frustration, the children behaved and amused themselves by singing various pop songs. Only half the adults on the coach knew them. Finally, we did stop to eat. There, one boy earnestly asked whether he should save half his lunch for the return journey home. He was assured that he would be getting food for the rest of the week! The rest of the journey was quicker and a game of I-Spy was played. Although the first 'something beginning with S' was rather easy and the whole coach yelled SHEEP!

On arrival, we all got our kit - waterproofs and wellies (something which will probably be essential this week). Then, the whole group went up a nearby hill, racing to the top. After hearing a local legend, a full scale game of hide and seek was played. Then it was time to run down the hill and return to the centre for room location, unpacking and dinner. 

Tomorrow is the first full day of activities. Bring on the fun!