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Pendarren News: Day 2

Today was the first full day of activities. First though, was breakfast, and then the children prepared for the morning inspection. Thankfully, the teacher rooms were not included! Then the children were divided up into three groups. Today, one went abseiling and canoeing, whilst two went on the river study activity for the full day. Tomorrow, they will swap so that all the children get to do all the activities. 

The river study started by looking at a stone erected by Neolithic man, and then onto the tiny source of the River Mellte. We then followed it as it grew in size, until reaching an amazing waterfall. On the way, we went caving, squeezing into tight crevices and exploring the underground. The children loved it. So did the teachers (even with their aching backs). It linked nicely with the term's topic - rivers, and to the latest writing task, which begins with a group of children walking behind a waterfall and discovering a hidden cave. This did occur to them as they were underground. "I'll just write about this!" said one girl as she pulled herself across a slab of rock. 

In all three groups, the children behaved well and worked as a team, helping and encouraging each other, and because of this, enjoyed the day. 

Showered and changed, they are now getting ready for the evening.