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Pendarren News: Day 3

The groups swapped over activities and again teamwork was the key skill being utilised. How this showed itself varied. So whilst canoeing in pairs in a local canal, one girl proudly announced that they had a system, indeed a strategy. "I tell him what to do and he does it, " she said.

It was slightly different when on the climbing wall. Here, there were three groups. One climbed and the others controlled the rope, offered advice and gave encouragement. The children excelled themselves in this. This was especially so, when a girl began to find the climb difficult. The others all urged her on and she didn't give in. She persevered and reached the top.

The cavers like those who went yesterday, loved it, although one child was shocked at how cold the waterfall was. It was pointed out that sadly, rivers are not centrally heated.

Tonight a night walk and bonfire are planned, and for tomorrow it is everyone off to the beach. The weather being predicted makes sun block unlikely to be needed and it being waterproofs as the essential equipment. All though, are looking forward to it.

The adventure continues.