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Pendarren News: Day 4

Last night we went for a night time walk to study the stars and see the countryside without light. We then held races in the dark, including one that involved diving under a log. The teachers found this hilarious. Until, that is, the instructor said they had to do it too. Then the children did!

Today we took a coach to the coast for the day. We started with a walk along the coastal path and then had lunch on the pebbles. After that, they had free time on the sand. For this the weather was lovely, as they made castles and recreated river systems!  A geography lesson on the beach! A small cave was found and the children went in. Despite it taking twenty seconds to come in and out, and there being only one route, one child did do it ten times, saying, "I know where to go now!"

Then we went rock pooling to find crabs, fish and other creatures. It was then it poured down! With it starting hot and sunny and then coming down with hail stones, the children realised why Britain loves talking about the weather so much! However, the children really enjoyed it and found a whole zoo's worth of creatures. The instructor then taught them what each one was. 

Finally, it was fish and chips under a shelter. "Just like camping!" One boy said as he munched on a chip. Parents can rest assured that the fish was bought from a local shop and not found in a rock pool!