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At St. Mary’s Priory Catholic Infant and Junior Schools we strive to develop a happy, caring, healthy and secure

learning environment. We seek to understand, celebrate and enhance the diversity of our community. In this

calling we are encouraged by Christ as our centre and Mary as our mother.


Our Mission is:


To love one another as Mary loves Jesus and Jesus loves us


To do our best always


To take care of ourselves and the world God has given us

Swan & Dove Class visit to Sheikh Nazim Sufi Centre Mosque

Visit to the Mosque


On the 7th June 2017 the children from years 1-6 went to visit the Sheikh Nazim Sufi Centre Mosque on St Ann's Road. We were invited by the headteacher, Foziya Reddy, of the Islamic Shakhsiyah Foundation school on the same site. We felt very welcome and people we met were so happy to share information about their faith and answer lots of our questions.


These are some of the comments from the Chaplaincy Team who went to visit in their classes.



'Today I went to visit the mosque with my class. I learnt that Muslims fast during Ramadan. At first the experience was a bit scary because of everything that has been happening in London but then I found out that Muslims have a religion of peace. I learnt that their holy book is called the Qu'ran. It was interesting and fun.'                  Jakub 4N



'I really enjoyed going to the mosque because I learnt lots of new things. Women cover themselves and the men and women separate when they pray so they can concentrate on God.'              Shelleem  5G


Our visit to the Mosque


When we were at the mosque they told us to take off our shoes to show respect and one of the things we learnt was that they pray 5 times a day. They also clean their hands, arms, legs, feet and faces before they pray to show respect and to show they are humble.'      Magdalena  5S


What we did at the mosque


  • We always have to sit on the lines on the carpet we sat on, which is the one they pray on
  • Usually men and women pray separately from each other
  • During Ramadan the Muslims eat at certain times
  • Whilst praying NO ONE can talk '         Feza 5S



'When I went to the mosque I really enjoyed getting to understand how Muslims pray and that the boys and girls are separated when they are praying 5 times a day and this is very different to what we do in a Catholic Church.'   Gabrielle 5G



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