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Welcome to Penguin and Owl Class!



Teacher            Ms. Breen & Mrs. Slater 

​Nursery Nurse  Mrs. Pavarani & Mrs. Thomas 


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say it has been so nice to receive some of your emails and pictures,

it has been lovely to see the learning in action.

Please add your most enjoyable bits on tapestry.

We hope you are are doing well and staying safe.


Can you read a book everyday, during reading pause and think about what might happen next? Encourage children to predict the narrative and then read on to find out.


Link for reading e books –

Please follow the link below and register as a parent.

You will receive an email to activate your account which will grant you access to a wealth of reading material.


01/04/20 - Reading

01/04/20 - Phonics

Practise the letter sound 'o' with Geraldine. Can you find other things around your house. Maybe you could write a sentence using one of these words?

Look at these pictures and try to write the matching words. You don't need to print them, just write your word onto paper.

01/04/20 - Maths

Can you have a go at these numercon number sentences. What symbols are used? What is the number sentence asking you to do? Maybe you could make your own number sentences using things from around your home? You could use fruit, pens, dolls dinosaurs, cars. The choice is yours!

01/04/20 - Expressive Arts and Design

Can you learn and sing this Ladybird song? Maybe you could make up some actions to help you?

31-03-20 - Reading


31-03-20 - Phonics


Practise the sound 'g' with Geraldine! Have a look around your home for things beginning with 'g'. If you want to, have a go at writing some of these words.

31-03-20 - Maths
The bad tempered ladybird meets creatures at different times of the day. Can you make your own clock? If you have a clock at home, you could use it to help you?

31-03-20 - Science

Can you use your eyes, ears, hands and nose to help you solve this sense hunt? 

30-03-20 - Reading

30-03-20 - Phonics

If you cannot print these off, why not re-write the sentences and with your child try to recreate the images.


30-3-20 - Writing

After reading the book of the week can your child write a sentence about the story. Encourage finger spacing and the use of capital letters and full stops.

30-03-20 - Maths

Below is and activity to support doubling. You can use real objects at home to support learning the concept of doubling. For those who find this tricky use numbers 1-5 as most children are confident with number one to ten.

27-03-20 - 

Firstly well done to you all for what has been a very different week of learning. We hope you have found the resources helpful, If your children are showing particular interests please add it to tapestry so we can try and plan with that in mind next week.

Today we would like you to use the story of Jack and the Bean Stalk (reading) to role play with your child.You may choose to change the narritive a little to encourage your child's imaginative play skills. Prehaps you could plan a meal for the giant, the children could make a list for shopping for ingrediants (writing). You could also make a bean stalk using some of your recycling (Maths- 3d shapes) or design a beanstalk using pens/pencils/crayons/paint (Expressive arts and design). Most of all enjoy the extra time you have together making lovely memories, have a lovely weekend.

26-03-20 - Phonics

Remember Phonics can be fun, I hope you enjoy learning through play. If you don't have a dice I have attached a 3d net so you can create one. 

26-03-20 - Maths

Please find attached a sheet with ideas to support children's concept of sharing. Please only use food items that will not waste. Alternatively your children could practice their fine motor skills and cut 15 biscuits from a piece of paper to share with their toys or family members.

25-03-20 - Phonics

Please find below phase two and phase three sound button cards. There is plenty to practice so please only look at two pages at a time. 

25-03-20 -  Reading

Please find below the story of Jack and the bean stalk, for children who can please choose a few of the questions to answer after reading the narrative. Parents can support by discussing the text with your children helping them to find the answers to the question's verbally. This could include re-reading and searching for the information together. 

25-03-20 - Maths

Please find an activity below for counting and ordering number. For children who need more support please start with 0-10 and move on at your child's pace. 

25-03-20 - RE

Please encourage you child to say a prayer each day. They have recently been practicing The Lords Prayer, Please continue to say this prayer with your child. We have also been learning about preparation 'From Lent to Easter'. As we approach Holy Week can you remind you child of the significant days and there importance; 

1- Palm Sunday

2- Maundy Thursday

3- Good Friday

4- Holy Saturday

5- Easter Sunday


24-03-20 Phonics

24-03-20 : Maths -  Can you find 2d shapes in your house? Can you use a tally chart to keep count.

23-03-20 - 


Each day Jo Wicks will have a 30 minute PE session for children to join in with.

Please stay active by going on you tube and typing The Body Coach TV below before 9am daily. You should see a link for his live PE streams each day.




Can you revisit set 1 sounds this week with your child.

s, a,  t,  p.

How many words can your child think of using the set 1 sounds?

Is the sound at the beginning, middle or end of their words?

How many sounds/phonemes  can they hear in each word?

Can you find objects in your house that begin with these sounds?

Link for reading e books –

Please follow the link below and register as a parent.

You will receive an email to activate your account which will grant you access to a wealth of reading material.


Please access a book each week, if you find your child is confident  in reading the chosen text then please move on to the next one.

23-03-20 : Literacy - Can you review each book you read with your child, using the writing frame below encouraging the children to write their own sentences using their phonic knowledge and high frquency words.