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Dear 6B

MONDAY 23rd MARCH 2020

Maths. Day 1


Two tasks from My Maths and also look at the lessons which accompany them.


Maths Challenge: What is the 100th term (number) in the sequence: 2,5,9,14,20...?

Holes by Louis Sachar

Holes by Louis Sachar 1

Holes.Reading Comprehension. Lesson 1

Quiz and Today's Joke

P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020

Day One of this PE teacher's workouts. Keep fit with him. Get your family to join in with you!


Maths: Day 2


Answer Set A. Arithmetic Test.

Maths Challenge: Find the biggest number you can see in your home. (For example, it may be on a calendar, or on a tin, or in a picture, or book).


(Yesterday's answer is in today's quiz)

The Fighting Temeraire

The Fighting Temeraire 1

WRITING TASK (Please spend two days doing this)


Above is a famous painting by William Turner called the Fighting Temeraire, which was painted in 1838. The Temeraire was a ship which was very famous in its day, as it had fought in the Battle of Trafalgar with Admiral Nelson. Here it is on its last journey, on the way to being scrapped. Many people watched it as it went.


Write a story that you are a child watching it. Describe the sky and the sea. Describe the crowd watching it. Write what you can see and how you felt. Next to you is a sailor who served on it. Write about what he said to you and how it was to be on the ship.


Hear a David Walliams story being read by the author himself


At 11am every day David Walliams will be reading a story from World's Worst Children 3

Free Audio Book from David Walliams

Free Audio Book from David Walliams 1

P.E with Joe | Tuesday 24th March 2020

Day two of this PE teacher's 9am daily workouts. Jon in and get your family to do so as well. They are daily at 9am live, and then saved on YouTube after that.
Have a healthy mind and body. Stay happy!


Holes. Lesson Two



Two of My Maths with lessons


Maths Challenge: The sum of five consecutive even numbers is 230. What is the smallest?


Answers to yesterday's arithmetic test are below.

Answers from yesterday's arithmetic test

Civil Rights History Topic

Civil Rights History Topic 1

Civil Rights Quiz

Today's class question and joke:


From  Anje, the question is - How did Judas die? (answer will be tomorrow)


From Luke, the joke is: How do you make antifreeze?




(answer: Steal her blanket!)



Rik Mayall - Jackanory - George's Marvellous Medicine, Part 1/5

Having a story being read to you is fantastic. This is part one of George's Marvellous Medicine, read by Rik Mayall. Part One : The Marvellous Plan. What a combination, Rik Mayall and Roald Dahl could it get any better? Fantastic storytelling...


Today's Maths


Maths Challenge: How big is your home?


If you do not have a ruler or a tape measure, then use your feet! Please also be careful, do not hurt yourself or others, and don't break anything!


Remember: if a room is an irregular shape, then divide it into rectangles/squares or triangles. Reminder: For a rectangle/square it is length x width; for a triangle it is (length x width) divided by two.


1. Calculate the area of your bedroom.

2. Now do the same for all the other rooms.

3. Add them all together and you have the floor area of your home.


Can you calculate the volume?


(No, please DON'T climb the walls! You might have heard adults say that, but it is an idiom - meaning to get bored/frustrated. You are not Spiderman - I want you all to be safe!!).


Instead, estimate the height. Once you have done that, you can calculate the volume. Reminder: volume = length x width x height.


1. Calculate the volume of your bedroom.

2. Now do the same for all the other rooms

3. Add them all together and you have the volume of your home.


Answer to yesterday's Maths Challenge is 42.



Today's class question and joke


Question: It comes from Elisa: What is the Italian for mouth?


Joke: This time it is from me! What did the Pacific Ocean say to the Atlantic Ocean? (answer below)


Yesterday's answer for the 6B General Knowledge Question was that Judas committed suicide by hanging himself.


Answer to today's joke: Nothing! They just waved.


Answers to Yesterday's Civil Rights Quiz

Start a Diary

Start a Diary 1

Why not start a diary?


You could start a diary, writing down what you did, and what your family did. What games did you play? What TV did you watch? What computer games did you play?  Include how you felt.


How often you write it and how much is up to you. I will give reminders from time to time. Make it chatty. Maybe draw some pictures how you feel. Mark the day out of five. Discuss what you plan to do the next day, or when life goes back to normal.


Reading: Answer the Travelling On  SATS Paper.


It is 45 minutes long, but if you take longer is does not matter (I promise that I am not coming around to check on you!)



Find what these words are in French by looking on the internet.


1. window

2. door

3. door

4. clock

5. fridge

6. table

7. pillow

8. bed

9. mirror

10. carpet


Can you find other French words for things around your home?


Draw a plan of a room in your home and label it in French



(Remember: If you missed something this week, you can do it another day. Also, there will be some things (such as the David Walliams stories, Your Diary, Work Out With Joe etc, which can be done daily, or at least more than once).


Also, try to do some reading every day. If you have finished all the books at home, then find things to read on the internet.


Keep your mind and body active as much as you can. And BE HAPPY!!!





Do two My Maths tasks and look at the accompanying lessons.


Maths Challenge: In a school of 1200 pupils, 580 are girls. One third of the pupils travel to school by bus. 462 boys do not go by bus. How many girls do go by bus?

Holes 3. Reading Comprehension. (With Holes 2 answers)

Create Your Own Superhero

Create Your Own Superhero 1

Create Your Own Superhero


1. Think of your favourite superhero. It may be the Black Panther or Spider-Man or Captain Marvel or the Black Widow or Iron Man or someone else. What are their powers? Where did they get them from? What costume do they wear? What are their weaknesses? Is everything they do good? If you don't like those kind of characters are there others which maybe are not called superheroes but are good people? For example, Woody out of Toy Story.


2. Now think of one you would like to create. Think what they look like. What super powers would they have? How did they get them? Is your super hero human or from another planet? What does their costume look like? Do they have a weakness? What is their name? Do they ever doubt themselves? Do super heroes always have to fight? Can they not do super brilliant things without violence? If so, how and what? There is always humour in superhero stories. Does yours say funny or witty things?


3. Draw your superhero. There are lots of YouTube clips on how to do this. You can use the ones below or find other ones. Or perhaps you don't need to.


4. Create a fact file for your superhero underneath your drawing. 


Now create a super villain


5. What makes a good baddie? Why are they bad? Can you think of some super villains?  Is there anything good about them? Do they know they are bad?


6. Now repeat (2), (3) and (4) for you super villain.


Create your own comic


7. Now why don't you over the weekend  draw a comic strip. Remember it can be funny, and it does not have to be endless fighting. Does it have to have any fighting at all? Maybe your superhero goes around doing good things which does not involve that. (For example, maybe they have the power to do every child's homework cross the world at once. The 'baddie' is a super teacher who tries to stop them. You decide. Be imaginative. Have fun.

How To Draw Cartoon Iron Man

Something to get ideas from

Cartoon Character Design for Beginners

This one is cartoon of a genius, which 6B is full of. They use their brains to do good.

Science: The Human Spine

Science: The Human Spine 1
Answers for Yesterday's Reading Paper

Science Quiz and Today's Joke

Monday 30th March



Dear 6B,


hope you are all well and healthy, and of course all your family too. I have seen a few photos sent to the school email of you enjoying home study time. Remember that my main concern is that you are well and happy. If you find any of this work too hard or too easy, or too much or too little - don't worry. If you have missed anything, it is perfectly okay to go back and do it. Did you draw your super heroes for example? I think I will. To be honest mine would be NHS Worker - because of the great work they are doing at the moment.


Keep well, keep happy and be good.


Mr Brett





I have loaded more My Maths tasks on as some of you have already done all of them! Wow!


Today: Do two of them.


Maths Challenge:  I have in my purse one each of 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins. How many different sums of money is it possible to make from these coins?



Write an entry in your diary. Write what have you been doing. How you are feeling. Are you missing school or your friends? What would you like to be doing? What will you be doing tomorrow?

Word of the week




Find out what it means and write two sentences using it. See how many times you can use it this week.

Reading Comprehension. Holes 4

London: A City Through Time

This is really fun. We have talked in Geography and History how London has changed for the centuries. This gives glimpse of how it has, through computer graphics, photographs and drawings.

Views around the City of London through the ages! Credit to the Image Owners Featured. Rephotographed & Edited by James Fox

P.E with Joe | Monday 30th March 2020

Day 6 of my 9am daily workouts

Tuesday 31st March 2020



Answer the Red Paper 2 Reasoning Paper.

Today's Reading and writing is RE: Research and Write a Report on Lent

Draw your own Still Life

Draw A Still Life In 5 Steps

How to draw a still life in 5 steps. SHOW NOTES: VISIT FOR MORE ART ...

Wednesday  1st April 


Answer Paper 1 and 2 of Set C: Grammar & Punctuation.

Reading Comprehension. Holes 5



Answer two My Maths pages, with the lessons.


Maths Challenge: Fred's lucky number is 7. How many three digit numbers contain at least one 7?

The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

To link with our Civil Rights history topic, please watch this This child-friendly video on the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. uses animation, music, and narration to share Martin's vision for the world.

Answers for Yesterday's tests and today's general knowledge question

Thursday 2nd April

Today's Maths (only do as much as you feel you can)

Maths Challenge

Reading (link with History topic)


Research the life of Martin Luther King, especially what was Selma. Write down eight key facts about him.

Common, John Legend - Glory

TODAY'S WRITING TASK: Write a Civil Rights Rap or Poem

This is the theme song from the film 'Selma. It includes scenes from it, with an actor playing Martin Luther King. The singer is John Legend and Common, the rapper also features. Write and then perform your own rap about civil rights. (Or you can write a poem).

Friday 3rd April



Write an entry in your diary.

Today's Maths (do as much as you can)

Maths Challenge


What is the 100th term in the sequence 1,5, 11, 19, 29,...?


(The answers to Wednesday's was that there are 252 numbers)

Giovanni Reads: Holes Chapter 1-3


Today, someone else is reading. Listen and enjoy. There are the other chapters also on YouTube if you want to continue.



Watch the two YouTube clips and then try to draw a skeleton and label as many bones as you can (you can research the internet for more information if you wish).

The Skeletal System - Educational Video about Bones for KIds

ScThis is an educational video where children can learn more about the human body. With this video you can see the parts of the skeletal system, including bone...


Here's a song for you to memorize the bones in 3 minutes! The skeleton has 2-0-6 bones in an adult, Babies have 2-70, which fuse for this re...

Easter: Monday 6th April to 17th April


Dear 6B,


Happy Easter!


Hopefully you and your family, are well, safe and happy in this unsettling time. Easter is an important moment for us, so try to enjoy it as much as possible.


During the Easter period I will not be daily posting work for you to do. Instead, here is what you should be doing. Remember, if you cannot do it, then please do no worry.


In addition to what I post, you can always look back at previous days at anything which you missed. Also, try out the PE with Joe Wicks, also there are plenty of videos of stories being read on YouTube, which are fun.


The word of the week (which will go for the whole two weeks) is mendacious. Look at it in this sentence and guess what it means: Mr Brett knew that 6B were a good class, and would always tell the truth, because he knew none of them were ever mendacious.  Then look it up and check to see if you were correct.. 


Have fun, stay safe and healthy.


Mr Brett



Below are links to:


1. One Reading Comprehension on (Holes 6).

2. Mr Stink by David Walliams. This is the entire book. It is not comprehension but is a great book to read (or re-read). Read some every day.


3. Choose a day to answer the 2006 SATs paper Heart Beat, which you have.

Reading Comprehension. Holes 6



Below is a link to a website called White Rose Maths. No password is required. Just click on the link. Go to Year 6 and do a lesson a day. Topics are ratio, scale and angles   ones which we have already covered.


Also, keep looking at My Maths and regularly doing some units on there.


Answer the Red Paper 3 Reasoning paper when you can.



For the Easter period, below is a Slow Write for a mystery set in your home. it can take a week, or longer for edits. But make it interesting, mysterious and showing your best writing.


Also, keep your diary going.

Write a Mystery Set in Your Home

RE: Easter Activities



Watch the YouTube below and sketch a member of your family.


(EXT: You could also sketch the creature you have created for your narrative set in your house).



How to Draw Faces

Learn how to draw faces step by step from scratch. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to draw a male and female face, with the differences explained.

Answers for last week and a quiz for this

Welcome to Class 6B!


Class Teacher

Mr. P Brett


Teaching Assistant

Mrs. W Bieniek