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Classroom RE and Catholic Life of the school inspection - Section 48

We had a Diocesan Inspection from the Diocese of Westminster on 26th May, 2022. Four inspectors spent the day in our school observing lessons, acts of worship and talking to governors, staff, children and parents. The whole process was quality assured by Chief Inspector, Nancy Conoboy (see letter below).

We were very pleased with the outcome.

Please click below to read the Infant School report and the Junior School report.


Letter from Nancy Conoboy (Diocesan Chief Inspector of Schools):

Dear Jane,

Congratulations to you, the governors and all of the staff and pupils of St Mary’s Priory Catholic Infant and Junior schools on very successful inspections.  

The reports highlight the hard work undertaken across the two schools to ensure teaching engages pupils in their learning in Religious Education.  Pupils experience an RE curriculum that is creative and enriched through artefacts, activities and resources.  I was delighted to read that pupils can recall prior learning and make links between topics and scripture.  This knowledge and understanding will undoubtedly serve them well as they progress through the key stages.  You and your team have developed a vibrant and active Catholic community where individuals are valued and celebrated.    

The partnerships you have successfully formed with local parishes will enable you to further enhance the Catholic life of the schools and ensure that pupils at St Mary’s are fully equipped for the journey of discipleship for life.

As always it is the quality of leadership, the vision and inspiration of the head and her leadership team, together with governors, that enables a school to ensure pupils receive the best quality of Catholic education.

Kind regards,

Nancy Conoboy

Chief Inspector of Schools

Diocese of Westminster