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House Saints

We have four saints for our house teams, whose lives we use to guide us in our journey of faith.  Our school values of respect, resilience, ambition and tolerance, are seen within the lives of our four saints.                                           

Saint Josephine Bakhita

Patron Saint of hope during suffering

8th February

Saint Josephine Bakhita was kidnapped at the age of seven, but later escaped with a friend. They ran through the countryside before realising they were lost. Josephine looked into the night sky for guidance and was surprised to see a figure showing her the way. Unfortunately, she was recaptured and spent twelve more years as a slave before earning her freedom. She believed the figure was her guardian angel and wanted to spend the rest of her life helping those most in need.  


Saint Francis of Assisi

Patron Saint of the environment, animals and birds

4th October

Saint Francis was born in Italy, the son of a wealthy man.  He left to become a soldier, but was taken prisoner.  This experience led him to a life of religion. His love for God was so great that it overflowed to compassion for all God's creatures.  After a pilgrimage to Rome, he lived his life in accordance to the Gospels, preaching to others, and inspiring them to follow him.  Pope Innocent III agreed to a new religious order, and Francis of Assisi became the founder of the Franciscan Order of Preaching Friars. 

Saint Vincent De Paul

Patron Saint of the poor

27th September

Saint Vincent De Paul was born in France, the son of a peasant farmer. When he was studying to become a priest, he was captured at sea and kept as a slave for two years. Eventually, he escaped and devoted his life to charitable works and helping the poor.

Saint Therese of Lisieux 

Patron Saint of Missions

1st October

Saint Therese of Lisieux became known as the "Little Flower".  She lived a short and simple life, dying at 24 years of age.  She devoted her short life to "doing good on earth" through prayer and kindness for others.

Each year, two house captains are voted to represent each of our 4 houses.