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Online Safety

At St Mary's Priory Catholic Infant and Junior Schools, we take online safety very seriously. We teach digital literacy through our online safety lessons, which are embedded within our Computing curriculum, as well as part of our PSHE curriculum.  Digital literacy is made up 3 parts:

  • technical literacy (knowing how devices are used)
  • media literacy (knowling how to think critically about what you see online - disinformation V misinformation)
  • social literacy (knowing how to reduce the risk taking that comes with an online presence - behaving online in the same way as you do face to face)

Every half-term starts with online safety lessons, to ensure that we have a clear understanding of how to apply these 3 skills safely and appropriately, and so are equipped to move in a digital world.

All children sign up to St Mary's Priory's Acceptable Agreements (AUPs).  We also have them for staff, governors and visitors.  

Acceptable Use Agreement (AUP) pupils - Infants

Acceptable Use Agreement (AUP) pupils - Juniors

Acceptable Use Agreement (AUP) pupils - symbols

Linked sites for pupils

As we use technology more and more, it is important that you know how to keep yourselves safe online and also what to do if something happens that makes you feel uncomfortable, or ‘funny in your tummy’. Think about which adults you trust to talk to about online concerns. They could be in school or at home. Remember it is important to always talk to an adult if you have a worry or a concern.

You must never get undressed or changed in front of your device’s cameras or send pictures of yourself when you are undressed, no matter how many times someone might ask you to. Click on the links below to find out more information and listen to the songs.

BBC Own It online safety tips

NSPCC Pantosaurus song

LGFL Undressed song

Linked sites for parents

Being safe and having digital literacy in this world of technology is paramount, but keeping up with the ever-changing world of technology often means our children have greater knowledge than us.  In the links below, you will find information to support you as parents and carers to keep informed and ahead of the technology our children are exploring.   




Parent workshops

We run regular Staying Safe Online workshops for our parents and carers.  If you would like us to provide another workshop on a specific aspect of online safety, then please let us know via or speak to a member of the leadership team.

Further information guides for parents

Parent guide to safety controls on device

LGFL Parent Top Tips to Keeping Safe Online 

ThinkUKnow Sid's Top Tips

Young Children and Screen Time: a guide for parents and carers

A Parent Guide to Group Chats on Whatsapp

3 reasons why it is important to have that online safety chat

Parental Controls on Devices: Booklet and Guide