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Road Safety




19th November - 25th November: we are taking part in Road Safety Week.

This means that we will be looking at how to stay safe when we are near a road. This could mean if we are walking, on our bikes or scooters, or even on the bus or in a car. It’s really important that we are safe when we are near roads, and then we encourage others to be too.

Here are some top tips on how to stay safe when you are near a road:

  • If you are in a car, always wear your seat belt;
  • Look both ways before crossing the road;
  • If you wear headphones, take them out, so you can hear if there are any cars or bikes;
  • Cross at a safe spot – a zebra crossing, a pedestrian crossing or where there is a lollipop person;
  • Hold an adult’s hand when crossing the road;
  • Never cross the road in front of or behind a large vehicle like a lorry, bus or truck – you can’t see the other cars;
  • If you are wearing a hood, take it down to cross the road – you can’t always see with a hood on;
  • If you cycle or scoot when it’s dark, wear something that is bright or hi viz – these are bright and reflective, so that cars and people can see you;
  • Avoid looking at your phone;
  • Don’t ever play near a road.

We are running a whole school competition to design some St Mary's Priory Road Safety tips.  Watch this space for the finalists!

Transport for London Travel for Life Silver Award

We are very proud to have been accredited with the TFL London Travel for Life Silver Award.  This accreditation is a result of the variety of learning and activities that takes place in school: Bikeability, Road Safety Week, road safety lessons, TFL hands up surveys throughout the school year, which records the high numbers of our children who travel to school on a bicycle, a scooter, a bus, or by walking!  Well done everyone - now we are aiming for the Gold Award!