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Reception Admissions

Prospective Parents

Children join Reception in the September following their fourth birthday.  If you would like to have a tour of the school, please call 0208 800 9305 or email                                                     We look forward to showing you our wonderful school!

Some important points to note:

  • You do NOT need to be Catholic to apply to our school - we welcome children and families of any faith or of no faith
  • You do NOT need a "Priest's reference" (even if you are a baptised Catholic)
  • Distance ONLY applies if we are oversubscribed
  • You have an EXCELLENT CHANCE of a successful application this year (we have not been oversubscribed, due to the falling birth rate across London, for the last 4 years)

To apply for a place at our school, you must complete an application with Haringey School Admissions.  Click here to access their website. 

Admissions Privacy policy

Key dates for Reception and Junior school admissions:

Date What will happen?
1st September 2023 Applications open
15th January 2024 Application deadline
16th April 2024

Offer day/online outcome

Online applicants will receive notification of their offer in an email

Paper applicants will be sent an offer letter

1st May 2024 Acceptance deadline – online applicants should accept their offer online
17th May 2024 Appeal deadline