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Transfer to secondary school

Children transfer to secondary school at the end of Year 6 when they are 11. Application forms and information about secondary schools are provided at meetings held at the beginning of that year, in the Autumn Term. Parents and carers are encouraged to attend one of these meetings to discuss the process.

Parents are required to list up to six choices for secondary school. Admission criteria vary, but siblings, proximity to the school and selection tests are the most significant factors in the allocation of places. The Year 6 teachers can advise and support parents throughout the application process and will help with appeals should they become necessary.

Key dates for secondary transfer:



31 October 2023

Deadline for applications to be received

1 March 2024

Offer day

15 March 2024

Deadline for acceptances

 15 April 2024

Deadline for appeals

Please click here for useful information from Haringey secondary transfer team.

Please click here for more live secondary information sessions from the Haringey team.

Please click here for our guide on how to apply using the Haringey portal and other information.

Should you have any queries at all about the application process, please do contact us.

Telephone 020 8800 9305 or email